About us

About us

JSC "Hidraulines sistemos" was founded in September, 1998.

At present Joint Stock Company Hydraulic Systems has the staff of 40 employees, daily presenting various services and selling completion sets of spare parts of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment to Lithuanian industrial enterprises, building companies, road maintenance and repair organizations, forestry firms, transport professionals and to numerous country agriculture techno logists. Our company is located in Kaunas city, in a middle of Lithuania and it helps easily to reach every client in the whole country.

Main activities:

  • Diagnostics of the system of the hydraulic part of the structure of mobile machines and complete overhaul of: construction and forest work manipulators, hydraulic systems of dump-trucks, truck tractors, excavators, agricultural technology machines also road construction and ground work machines.
  • Overhaul and repair works of the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
  • Production of one-sided and two-sided cylinders having various dimensions
  • Overhaul and repair of hydraulic assemblies of all types
  • Production of hosepipes of various hydraulic and pneumatic types
  • Completion with spare parts of hydraulic stations and small assemblies
  • Supply and selling completing spare parts of known brands for hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Our trade includes also loader work gear: various grapples, buckets and rotors.



Quick release couplings






Hydraulic cylinders,

Hydraulic valves,

Pneumatic controls,

Piston and gear pumps,


Oil tanks and other fittings

Hydraulic cylinders






Seal manufacturing






Spare parts for agricultural machinery







Hydraulic and industrial oil,

Car engine oil,

Transmission oil,


Operating fluids







Hydraulic relief valves,

Overcentre valves,

Check valves,

Dual cross relief valves,

Pilot check valves,

Sequence valves,

Shuttle valves,

End stroke valves,

High pressure ball valves

Hydraulic oil,

Car engine oil,

Transmission oil,

Compressor oil,





Clamshell buckets for bulk materials,

Wood grabs,

Metal grabs,

Rock grabs,

Manure grabs,

Buckets for beets,

Other grabs



Monoblock valves,

Section valves,

Pressure control valves,

Flow control valves,

Directional solenoid valves,

Logic valves,

Gear pumps,

Gear motors

Tail lift parts




Quick release couplings





Spare parts



Rotators, links





Hydraulic accumulators,

Level indicators for oil tanks,

Pressure switches


Cylinders and components,

Components for hydraulic systems,




Hydraulic motors,


Hydraulic pumps,


Hydraulic bottle jacks





Hydraulic Cetop-3 (NG6), Cetop-5 (NG10) valves,




Portable test equipment





Tail lift parts

Work lamps


Underbody cylinders and components


Rotators, links



Industrial equipment components


PTO accesorries,


Gear pumps,

Piston pumps,

Hand pumps,

Hydraulic control valves,

Pneumatic controls,

Mechanical controls,


Hydraulic controls units,

Power take offs

Sectional valves,

Monoblock valves,

Gear pumps,

Gear motors











Clamshell buckets for bulk materials,

Wood grabs,

Rock grabs,

Demolition grabs











Sectional valves,

Monoblock valves,

Gear pumps, motors,

Electronic components












Hydraulic cylinders
















Cartridge bodies,



Parts for manipulators




Hydraulic pumps




Hydraulic components




Original tail lift parts



Clamshell buckets 









Wood grabs 









Hydraulic and pneumatic seals 








Pallet trucks,

Pallet lifts,







Filtration and fluid conditioning,

Hydraulic accumulators,


Mobile valves,


Power units,

Mobile hydraulics


Pumps and motors;

Directional valves and remote controls. 

      Hydraulic motors;

      Hydraulic pumps;

      Hydraulic valves. 




Hydraulic motors;

Hydraulic pumps.



About us

UAB Hidraulinės sistemos started its activities in 1998. The company employs a team of 40 experienced people. UAB Hidraulinės sistemos serves companies in all industries, supplies hydraulic components, performs repair and maintenance services, provides production solutions. The company's goals are to modernize the provided services, improve the efficiency of solutions, and the well-being of customers and employees.

Our contacts

UAB 'Hidraulinės sistemos'
Comapny code: 135197697
VAT code: LT351976917
Address: Vandžiogalos pl. 106P,
Domeikava, LT54358 Kaunas.
Bank IBAN Nr. LT10 4010 0425 0029 6452

Working hours

  • Monday 08.00 - 17.00
  • Tuesday 08.00 - 17.00
  • Wednesday 08.00 - 17.00
  • Thursday 08.00 - 17.00
  • Friday 08.00 - 16.00
  • Saturday -
  • Sunday -
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